It's Snowing on Hoedown Hill!

The snow-making process has created an optical illusion at sunrise when the sun's rays reflect off the frozen water to visually suggest the machines are pumping streams of fire onto the hill. Mother Nature is simply having as much fun as we are.

Snow is flying on Hoedown Hill

The highest point in Windsor, CO is currently being groomed with gallons of frozen water as The Water Valley Company tests its snow-making equipment on the large year-round activity hill at RainDance National Resort & Golf. 

Hoedown Hill will be fully operational in the Winter of 2023, and until then, we ask all community members to curb the urge to dust off the sled and strap on skis as we safely test the proper effectiveness of the entertainment venue. 

For the past week, Hoedown Hill has endured a snow-making trial run as The Water Valley Company formulates the optimal machinery, technique, and process of creating snow when there's none in the forecast.

"The Water Valley Company has always orbited around family-oriented venues," said Martin Lind, CEO of The Water Valley Company and developer of RainDance National Resort & Golf. "From the extraordinary venue of the Colorado Eagles to golf to teaching a child to fish, we have designed memorable experiences for everyone.

"However, Hoedown Hill is going to be the epicenter of family fun for all of NOCO!"

At The Water Valley Company, water is life and Colorado is fun. Next winter you better be prepared to strap on your boots and dive in with both feet!