RainDance National Mentioned in Audubon Newsletter


RainDance National Resort & Golf was recently mentioned in a newsletter by the Audubon International Cooperative Sanctuary Program as a golf course that's "properly managing the course's environmental impacts on the surrounding land, water and animal habitat." 

RainDance National architect Harrison Minchew was interviewed for the piece and shared his involvement with the program. 

“I have been an advocate for the principles of the Audubon Sanctuary program for decades as the former director of design services with Arnold Palmer Design,” said Minchew. “Preservation and enhancement of plant and animal habitat, and selection of drought tolerant grasses to minimize water consumption are essential to the environmental viability of a golf course.

“Also promoting best management practices that minimize application of fertilizers, herbicides and fungicides, not only enhance the environment of a course, but at the same time, allow it to be economically viable.”